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The Truth About Why I Started Sales Mastery

May 29, 2018

A Personal Message From Todd Duncan on Sales Mastery


The greatest joy in my life, ever, is when I know that our events have made a difference in someone’s life. Just last week an individual approached me and said, “Sales Mastery changed the trajectory of my life forever, and as a result of what I learned, I’m healthier, wealthier and happier than ever. Thanks for changing my life!” That gets me up in the morning!


Why I Started the Sales Mastery Event


When I first started out in the mortgage industry one thing that made the biggest difference for me was attending conferences. I always valued gaining knowledge that my competition didn’t have, a selling edge. When I started The Duncan Group in 1992, there wasn’t anything similar for loan originators to attend to gain knowledge, wisdom, and insight into the industry. Seeing the need, I decided to create the Sales Mastery Event.


The vision for Sales Mastery was to create an annual event where loan originators, leaders, and industry professionals could come to learn, grow, and get better; together.


Through the keynote speeches, industry best-practices panels, and the chance to network with the best, Sales Mastery quickly became known as an event that delivered results.


The timing of Sales Mastery has always been the start of the fourth quarter so that attendees can get set up to make the year that follows their best year ever. We’ve never deviated from that vision and today are entering our 26th year of hosting the event.


One Step Ahead of Change


Over the last 26 years, we have constantly listened to the feedback from our audiences and are always striving to make Sales Mastery consistent and relevant with the changes that the market is experiencing or that we anticipate occurring in the months and years ahead.


Our keynote speakers always have an expertise in a market discipline. Our panels are always vetted to the highest degree of validation. Our industry speakers are proven in the market. Our goal is that our audience is always one step ahead of change.


One thing we know for sure is the educated, knowledgeable, and connected Mortgage Professional will never run out of customers to serve and lives to change.


Why should someone attend Sales Mastery?


The simple answer is to be their best.


Sales Mastery is designed to give people answers to the pressing questions of business and life. If an individual wants to learn the “secret sauce” to balancing business with living, then that is the ultimate “why” they should be there. Every year people keep coming back – over 60,000 attendees so far – and the most frequent thing we here as to why come is, “It changed my life”!


Who should attend Sales Mastery?


Sales Mastery is for any professional that wants to be their best. The primary audience is LO’s, LOAs, Branch Managers, Senior Executives, and CEOs. Often these groups will bring business partners like Real Estate Agents and Financial Planners to add value to their businesses and their lives.


The event speaks widely to the Best Practices of Business, Sales, Marketing, Influence, Team Building, and 5-Star Client Service. From fresh and engaging Keynote addresses, to High Performance Panels and Interviews, skills and tactics are delivered in compelling, believable, and implementable ways.


Our annual gathering of mortgage and real estate professionals provides an open book to the success strategies and practices of the world’s best.


I look forward to seeing you at Sales Mastery 2018 on October 10-13 in San Diego, California.