Sales Mastery Speakers

Brian Fraser


Brian Fraser, Vice President of Sales at Greenpath, has been guiding his clients on the journey to home ownership for over 15 years as a Mortgage Advisor.  His unique and comprehensive approach to home mortgage management has helped thousands of families realize their financial goals and dreams.

Over the years, Brian’s drive to guide people through the journey to home ownership has earned the recognition and respect of his peers and partners in the Southern California marketplace.  Brian and his team work diligently to understand the specific needs of their clients, in order to best serve their immediate and long-term financial and personal goals.

Equipping his agent partners and clients with the best home mortgage advice possible is a lifetime commitment that Brian personally makes.  As a licensed real estate broker and member of the Orange County Association of REALTORS®, Brian serves as a complete lending resource for his agent partners and clients.

As a High Trust Certified Coach, Brian is sharing his love of the mortgage business with each of his coaching clients.  By utilizing the wealth of tools and resources the High Trust Coaching System has, he’s able to help his Coaching clients identify the most important areas of their business to be focused on, while still keeping the big picture goals in mind all the while using the proven strategies of High Trust.