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Keynote Speaker

Sue Woodard

Among the industry's most recognizable public figures, Sue is now a highly sought-after speaker, writer and consultant. She has hosted a successful financial radio program and has made guest appearances on CNBC's Squawk Box and Jim Cramer's Mad Money. As a bit of a thrill-seeker, she has skydived over Vegas, fire walked on hot coals, Harley’d down Route 66 and cage dived with great white sharks – but claims nothing is more exciting than parenting her teenage daughter in Minneapolis.

From the Stage

Breaking Bad: Lessons Learned on the Road from Breakdown to Breakthrough

Too often, we end up suffering a breakdown or “hitting the wall” before we take the necessary steps to reach an important breakthrough – when our gut was telling us all along the change, move or decision that should be made.  Sound familiar?  How powerful it would be if we were more often able to reach the next levels in our business, relationships and life without having to suffer a breakdown first?  In this engaging presentation, Sue Woodard shares personal stories of her own journey – and most importantly, will share the very practical and easy-to-replicate system she’s learned to help avoid the painful breakdowns…and more quickly get to the powerful breakthroughs.