High Trust Coach Speaker

Todd Gehrke

Todd Gehrke has been a top producing loan officer in the Denver Metro area since 2001. Todd provides mortgage financing for Colorado residents. Todd moved to Colorado from northern Wisconsin and has been working in the mortgage industry for over eleven years and resides in Greenwood Village with his wife and two daughters. His claim to fame as a mortgage professional is his accurate prediction of interest rates dropping to the 4% range in 2005, when rates were between 6-7% in his book, The Borrower’s Bible.

He currently manages over $200 Million worth of mortgages in Colorado. He has created a mortgage management website that documents each borrower’s loan balance and rate and actively tracks when his clients can save money. His primary client is focused on making the best decisions possible with the money they have and are seeking advice from a professional to help them understand the big picture and an over-all cost perspective of their finances.