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Your emails and texts lack personality, differentiation, and clarity, but you rely on them to grow your business. Connect and communicate more effectively by easily adding video to your messages. Record and send with devices you already own. Click "View More" to learn more!

You're in sales because you're better in person. But the most common forms of communication fail to capitalize on your best asset ... you!

Put your face, voice, personality, expertise, and nonverbal communication back into your messages.

Record and send simple videos with your webcam, smartphone, or tablet. From your office, your home, your car (while parked!), or anywhere else you are.

It's not a production - it's a voicemail that's far more complete and human. It's you!

BombBomb makes it easy to use simple videos to build relationships - through email, text, and social. We help you get face to face with more people more often.


  • Record and send with your webcam inside your Gmail inbox
  • Record and send with your webcam from our online app
  • Record and send with your smartphone or tablet through our mobile app
  • Upload any video and send it out from our online app
  • Drop in any YouTube or Animoto video from our online app



  • Follow up with, nurture, and convert new leads
  • Stay top of mind with realtors in your network
  • Send invites and updates
  • Say thank you
  • Request reviews and testimonials
  • Send to one person, to a list of people, or to your entire database



  • Know who's opening your emails, clicking your links, and watching your videos
  • Get live, real-time alerts as people interact with your messages
  • Know how long people are watching your videos
  • Allow people to reply back to you with their own videos
  • See who's most engaged with our Relationship Score


We specialize in real estate, mortgage, and title. We're working with sales professionals like you in all 50 states and several countries around the world.

We know what they're doing. We know what works. We're here to help you build relationships and grow your business.