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High Trust


For over two decades, High Trust (The Duncan Group) has been helping mortgage professionals make smart decisions in order to accomplish what is most important. What’s more, because of the training The Duncan Group provides, millions of home buyers have been treated and served with the highest standards of customer care. Our commitment to you begins with understanding that the relationship between us starts with identifying your greatest challenges. Once we observe and invest in the process of understanding your needs, we offer you practical direction. When you commit to investing in yourself and the organization, you will hear, see, and learn necessary strategies for directing your business toward greater success. Finally, understand that throughout the process, our ultimate objective is for you to learn life lessons that point you toward excellence in everything you do. Success will come with a greater belief in yourself and ability to infuse high trust in every relationship. Let us help you serve your clients with that same level of excellence. Let us help you create the kind of lasting, reliable business and productive life most professionals only dream of.