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  • Enable quick deployment of marketing campaigns
  • Scale your marketing efforts with enterprise automation
  • Social media data capture
  • Send single/bulk SMS text messages
  • Email marketing
  • Print marketing
  • Enterprise digital marketing
  • Drip post-close email marketing


  • Co brand marketing with referral partners
  • Manage your relationships
  • Partner database
  • Collaborative contact sharing
  • Enhance communications to prospective buyers by co-branding with referral partners
  • Co-brand flyers, emails, and post-closing cards to generate leads, drive sales and increase customer loyalty
  • Stay in control by choosing appropriate marketing assets


  • Real-time tracking and analytics
  • Audit level tracking and reporting
  • Business intelligence
  • Customizable dashboards


  • Manage client lifecycle
  • Track pipeline growth
  • Harness the power of big data
  • Centralize recruiting


Contact Management

  • Add and manage contacts from anywhere
  • Monitor your database and get alerts


  • Flyers and postcards
  • Send post-close cards & gifts to increase loyalty

Lead Capture

  • Robust lead aggregation technology
  • Funnel leads from across the web into your Jungo CRM with numerous integration, aggregation, and customization features
  • Automated follow-up

LOS Integration

  • Ensure your client database is always in sync with your marketing database
  • Automatically send dynamic emails and SMS text alerts as your client reaches loan milestones such as "Submitted to Underwriting" and "Approved"

Pipeline reports for referral partners

  • Automate pipeline reports for each of your referral partners
  • Send automated "Thank You for the Referral" emails
  • Track the number of referrals received
  • Track the number of referrals deep received
  • Total number of loans closed in volume / units

Loan milestone updates

  • Stay on track and move efficiently through the loan process with Jungo’s loan checklist workflow automation.

Loan document management

  • Creates interactive, customizable needs list
  • Tracks the progress of documents with dashboards and analytics

Full access to Salesforce® AppExchange® to download the most popular apps for loan originators

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