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Sharp Retention


Sharp Retention is the leading independent distributor team for CUTCO Closing Gifts worldwide - they have the solution for generating referrals AND maximizing client retention with THE SYSTEM for strategic appreciation and long-term branding.

Cut through the clutter and appreciate your sphere of influence and closed transactions by developing a relationship with them, starting with the high-quality American made product that everyone uses daily - high quality kitchen tools. Give engraved CUTCO knives as your closing / settlement gift to ensure repeat business and retained relationships and be at the fingertips of every client for life. Sharp Retention's talented team will get you up and running with the system to have gifts on hand - or drop shipped to your clients directly - with every gift custom engraved, creating a daily touch for life with every client.

We have the support tools to turn gifts into long-term branding opportunities including a customizable gift letter, a script to create an impression - even customizable product videos to accompany every gift to share when you follow up and ask for referrals. Our team personally serves thousands of mortgage and real estate professionals across the globe with our strategic system to generate leads, retain clients, reap tax benefits and stay top of mind for life - and we're ready to serve you too!

Stop wasting money on gifts that fail and get THE SYSTEM in place to best serve your clients - and your business.
Contact us to get a quote customized to your business needs and see all our branding tools at
(844) 88-SHARP, that's (844) 887-4277.