We’re excited to announce that Retired U.S. Army Captain and decorated war hero, Chad Fleming will be a Keynote Speaker at Sales Mastery 2019!

You will learn from Chad the Ultimate Battle Plan to get physically and mentally FIT in order to become elite and set yourself apart. You’ll learn how to be FAST in the market, think on your feet, and execute uniquely in an ever-changing industry. Finally, Chad will teach you to never retreat as you move FORWARD, becoming the best at what you do in your business and your life.

Watch, listen, and learn as Chad provides tangible takeaways to help you prepare for the battle of business and life!

About Chad Fleming

Captain Fleming has been deployed overseas six times with the U.S. Army’s elite 75th Ranger Regiment in support of both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has been wounded in combat on three separate occasions and has undergone 23 surgeries, one of which resulted in a trans-tibial amputation of his left leg.
While most would assume this type of injury would conclude someone’s service to their country, Captain Fleming has redeployed five times since his injuries, each time going right back into the fight. He is one of the few amputees who have been able to redeploy into combat as an amputee.

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