Hi, I’m Dan Summerfeldt, and in 1992 I began helping individuals, families, and businesses as a financial planner. A few years later, my business partner and I purchased one of our client’s businesses, a growing portable toilet company in Alaska. I traded my business suit for coveralls and soon earned the nickname “Rent-a-Can Dan.” \

My wife was relocated to Portland, Oregon in 1998 and as I transitioned to a new life in the Pacific Northwest, I was encouraged to return to financial advising where I fell in love with helping people with mortgage planning. Since 2003, I’ve focused exclusively on helping people purchase or refinance their homes, earning the new nickname of “Dan the Mortgage Man.”

By combining the skills learned from the times I wore the fancy business suit, and the times I was running our business, knee deep in…(you know), that gives me the creativity, determination, and the financial background necessary to help my clients understand and secure the best fit for their lending needs.

After I joined Sierra Pacific Mortgage in 2016, I was introduced to both Sales Mastery and High Trust Sales Academy and my ability to effectively communicate with clients has increased significantly.  My enthusiasm and love for this business has been renewed over the last 3 years, and I’m looking forward to the future!