Jake Wade
I was born and raised on 40 acres in Sonoma, California so I grew up spending much of my childhood playing outdoors. I was raised by a family of entrepreneurs and got my first taste when I started working in my father’s pasta shop at seven years old. I would go sweep my stepfather’s lumberyard and take on any side jobs for family friends that came about, I don’t really ever remember a time when I wasn’t working to some extent- I enjoyed it. It is safe to say that my tenacity for working hard and earning money was instilled in me at a young age. I remember never wanting to ask my parents to buy me toys. Which, as I grew up, went from toys, then a skateboard, and eventually Cars. I wanted to earn the money to buy those things for myself. It was something I wanted to earn myself.

My start in the mortgage business was somewhat a fluke. To help put me through college, I was bartending in the financial district of San Francisco and was getting by on the standard college “top ramen diet”. A regular would come into the bar every Thursday for a lunch appointment. We would chit chat for about 30 minutes before his appointment when I came in for my shift. I began to notice that at every lunch he would order an expensive bottle of wine. So I finally asked him what he did for a living. He responded, “Come to my office Monday Morning. I think you would be really good at what I do.” Thirty-eight days later, I closed my first mortgage. I took a picture of the check, sent it to my dad, and said, “I think I figured out what I’m going to do”. That was in 2005. I was twenty-two years old.

I worked my way up to become a senior mortgage advisor and managed a small team within the brokerage. 2008 came around and the shop closed. Rolling with the punches of the mortgage industry, I switched to a mortgage lender called Primary Residential Mortgage in Marin County, California. I worked my tail off, built my book of business, and was quickly recognized as a top producer. I opened my own brokerage back in the financial district of San Francisco in 2011, but within two years, I received a job offer I couldn’t refuse. I had been commission only for seven years, since my start in 2005. The market was teetering and the attractiveness of a salary position with a large, sustainable mortgage bank was too appealing. Within nine months, that large mortgage bank went through four ownership changes. I was burnt. I took my parachute money and left the mortgage business.

Sonoma County called me home as I tried to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. The industry had left me feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally wrecked. I needed to reset. Slowly, I began to rebuild myself. The gym became my refuge. I would go every day, nonstop, for hours on end. People began to ask me if I could train them. To fill the time and make ends meet, I obtained my personal training certification and began working at three of the top health clubs in Sonoma County.

I met my wife, through mutual friends, while I was personal trainer. In September 2016 we found out that we were expecting our first daughter together. One of my training clients was in the mortgage business. We had often chatted about our experiences in the industry here and there, but I finally built up the courage to ask her, “Do you think it’s a good time to be in the mortgage business?” She responded, “If you are asking me if you should get back into mortgages, my answer is yes.”

In January 2017, I joined Pinnacle Capital Mortgage, and stepped back into the mortgage game. I was at ground zero. I had absolutely no realtor relationships and no clients. This was a new chapter for me. I began serving clients, using the tools I learned from personal training, by helping people figure out their goals and incorporating that into the mortgage process. My boss at the time, Nevin Miller, And I had formed a close bond. He often guided and suggested numerous ideas to help my business. One of those suggestions…read “High Trust Selling” by Todd Duncan. I was skeptical at first, but upon completing his book, I trusted that this was the right way for me. I have never looked back.

2017 (my first year at Pinnacle)- received rookie of the year award for most in volume.

2018- doubled my volume from 2017 and gained real estate agent market share.

2019- Doubled my volume from 2018 and opened my own branch.

2020- On track to do 32% more volume than 2019, gaining massive market share with realtor relationships, acquired strategic partnerships with real estate firms.

From 2017 to 2020, I have attended Sale Mastery, Sales Academy, and Master Class with Todd Duncan. These events, and people I have met through them, have had a profound impact on my life and business practice and development.