Jeff Cohn
Jeff Cohn entered the real estate industry following in the footsteps of his mother Renae, who has been practicing for over 30 years. Jeff joined his parents in 2006, and "The Cohn Team" was created. Jeff hit the ground running in his first year, selling over 50 homes, earning the title of Rookie of The Year. Thanks to his prosperous start, Jeff quickly learned the value of surrounding himself with highly trained staff to help on the administrative side, freeing himself to do what he does best, providing knowledge and leadership to those around him. Jeff continued to sell as a rainmaker agent for the next five years, topping the charts at over 80 individual annual transactions.

In 2011, Jeff hired his then Marketing Director and now Chief Operations Officer, Kevin McGowan. Coming from similar backgrounds in education and business experience, they had the right formula for creating the team Jeff always dreamt of. The Cohn Team rebranded to Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group, and in a few short months, they started lead generation into their BoomTown CRM and hired a handful of agents hungry for business. Kevin's role immediately expanded as he developed back-end systems for advanced metrics tracking, marketing strategies, administrative staff management, technology trainer and implementor, maximizing company profitability, and more.

Over the course of the next few years, Jeff meticulously inspected and improved upon the strategies the team implemented, quickly gaining the attention of his peers and surrounding brokerages as sales records were being broken statewide. Emerging as one of the top agents on the team, Andy Kueny defined his success by closely following the advice and resources provided by the team. On top of his career achievements, Andy grew to be a well-respected member of the team amongst fellow agents and staff. When looking to fill the role of a Success Manager to keep agents focused on goals, motivation, and training, Andy was the clear choice. He has flourished in his role over the last several years and now provides his knowledge and insights with every member of ERS Livestream as a highly regarded coach.

Jeff, Kevin, and Andy now take their winning formula for building a dominant business and teach their strategies throughout North America. With their abundance mindset and refreshing transparency, nothing is held back nor kept secret. Realtors from far and wide travel to Omaha, Nebraska each month for their content packed Workshop. They spend a day with the crew mapping out the exact blueprint to their company, providing easy to implement ideas and proven concepts that apply to today's shifting real estate industry.

After hosting hundreds of workshops and speaking with thousands of Realtors nationally, it was becoming more and more evident that a new and modern style of coaching was in demand. Never one to turn down a good challenge, Jeff and his staff dreamt up a concept of coaching and education they wish they always had. Thus, Elite Real Estate Systems was born. After months and months of beta testing and a few new technological additions to the office, ERS Livestream exploded onto the scene. Radically changing the way coaching content is packaged and delivered, agents enjoy a direct and interactive connection to the twice per week training provided to Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group. Team leaders also get access to an exclusive high level weekly call dedicated to a monthly topic of implementation. As they spend the month drilling deep and making impactful changes to their business, team leaders also have the opportunity to speak with a highly trained Success Manager to help provide advice and navigate any roadblocks to their success.