September 16-18, 2020



Why the LIVE Digital Experience?


Sales Mastery 2020 is up to the minute, best practices, from 40 different professionals and thought leaders who are winning in the volatile new economy!


Sales Mastery 2020 can be experienced LIVE when it is happening, and as many times as you’d like for 30-days after the event! Proven strategies for better performance.


Sales Mastery 2020 is not something you just need; it is something you deserve! Leave with a new sense of confidence and energy as you set the stage for 2021!

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Some of the Best Sales Mastery Moments

The LIVE Digital Experience

  • Front row seats for EVERYONE!!!!!!

  • 3 days of teaching with Sales Entrepreneur, Todd Duncan

  • Full, LIVE access to over 40 presentations and panels of game changing content

  • Virtual networking and “Ask the Speakers” Q&A with industry leaders

  • Access to the exclusive Digital Vault of tools, materials and content

  • 30-days of on demand access of the entire event


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Leadership LIVE! Interview with Joel Manby

Hosted by Todd Duncan: Interview with Joel Manby

Leadership LIVE! Interview with Mike Hardy and Rick Mount

Hosted by Todd Duncan – Interview with Mike Hardy and Rick Mount

Wednesday September 16

Imagine with Todd Duncan

Unleash Your Vision and Own Your Future!

The New World of Consumer Centric Marketing

Todd Duncan with Mortgage Superstars

$100,000 Power Interview #1: How to go from Zero to 50M a Year in the Artic

Kristin Brown and Linda Davidson

$100,000 Power Interview #2: Massive Setbacks to Massive Success

Arthur Brown, Todd Duncan, Linda Davidson

Futurecast: Mortgage And Real Estate

Todd Duncan and David Stevens – CEO Mountain Lake Consulting – Past Present and CEO – MBA

Social Media ``Made Easy``

Katie Lance – Author #GetSocialSmart – Inman Top 100 Influential People

Social Media Power Panel

Hosted by Linda Davidson and Katie Lance

LeaderSHIFT!: 11 Decisions for the Future

Dr. John C. Maxwell

Thursday September 17

Todd Duncan: Future TRUST! What you must know!

Todd Duncan


Joel Manby – Author/Former CEO SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment

$100,000 Power Interview #3: Owning the VA Market Niche

Rick Ward

The Art of CONNECT!ON: Getting To the Core

Todd and Deb Duncan

$100,000 Power Interview #4: $200M a Year in a Niche Market

Kenny Chueng and Todd Duncan

TECH Talk: Customer Experience Integration

Rick Lang – Vice President – Strategy and Integration – Freddie Mac

The Modern Mortgage Experience

Todd Duncan, Dave Savage, Josh Mettle, Denise Donoghue and Michelle Bobart

Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results!

James Clear – New York Times Best Selling Author – Leading Authority on Habit Formation Science

Friday September 18

Todd Duncan: The Power of Intention

Todd Duncan


Dr. Rebecca Heiss – Author and Brain Biology Success Expert!

$100,000 Power Interview #5: Mindset Matters!

Cory DePass

Success Clinic: The Total Guide To Podcasting and Brand Building

Todd Duncan, Phil Treadwell, Dustin Brohm

$100,000 Power Interview #6: Brothers in Business

Arysha and Aryan Mashayekhi and Todd Duncan

$100,000 Power Interview #7:

Lizy Hoeffer, Linda Davidson

A Conversation On Implementation

Todd Duncan, Hope Bourman, Eric Union, Wayne Angelo and Teresa O’Dette


BREAKOUT SESSION #1: The New Frontier of Marketing
BREAKOUT SESSION #2: The Digital Dance – What You Must Know
BREAKOUT SESSION #3: The Art and Science of Team Building
BREAKOUT SESSION #4: Be Present: The New Art of Listening
BREAKOUT SESSION #5: Time Mastery for Teams
BREAKOUT SESSION #6: Building a Million Dollar Data Base
BREAKOUT SESSION #7: Architecting Your Personal Brand
BREAKOUT SESSION #8: Quality Matters; Experience Rules!
BREAKOUT SESSION #9: Time Mastery for Agents and Lenders
BREAKOUT SESSION #12: Unleashing Your Inner Genius