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Jungo provides financial industry experts with marketing, co-marketing, compliance, and CRM solutions from one login. It is a one-stop-shop solution, integrating with thousands of leading platforms to give clients the ability to track, interact with, and market to all of their contacts.

With more than a decade of experience creating and integrating solutions for the financial services industry, Jungo is the preeminent expert in the field. Jungo’s ease, accessibility, and various capabilities helps businesses connect with customers and drives sales everyday.

Proven Industry Success

Leveraging technology to create innovative solutions for the financial services industries for more than 10 years.
Connections drive societies, communities, relationships, and commerce. We share our culture, our goods, our knowledge, and our lives with each other. In ancient Rome, the Latin word “jungo” was used to describe connections. Whether it was merchants connecting with each other to trade goods, farmers describing a yoke for oxen, or the literati shaking hands, “jungo” was a universal term for our most important human activity.

Jungo celebrates the human desire to connect. Our story is the story of human connections throughout time. From cave paintings to written language to the telephone and television to the Internet, human technology evolved around making connections. Jungo is the next step in this technology evolution.

Jungo – Innovate. Connect. Grow.