Mike Schlegel, who usually just goes by his Indian Princess name, “Muddy,” lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife and three daughters. Muddy had a distinguished, 20-year professional career in watershed management, where he specialized in facilitating collaboration and helping diverse stakeholders find agreement to complex regional issues.

In 2014, Muddy had a huge “lightbulb moment” during a graphic facilitation workshop when he realized he’d always been a visual thinker, and so he then set out to learn more. After exploring the full range of training options, he enrolled in The Doodle Institute… and that’s where an awesome collaboration began.

In 2017, Muddy and Diane Bleck became business partners and co-founders in the Whiteboard Academy, where they are using their leadership, creativity and innovation to transform the business world. Together, through the Whiteboard Academy, they are on a mission to help others help others unlock awesome through visual thinking. The Whiteboard Academy provides live illustration to capture key ideas at meetings and events, whiteboard animation that brings ideas to life, and graphic facilitation that supercharges engagement and collaboration to help teams and rising leaders deliver solutions you can see.