September 16-18, 2020



Why the Global LIVE Digital Experience?


Sales Mastery 2020 is up to the minute, best practices, from 40 different professionals and thought leaders who are winning in the volatile new economy!


Sales Mastery 2020 can be experienced LIVE when it is happening, and as many times as you’d like for 30-days after the event! Proven strategies for better performance.


Sales Mastery 2020 is not something you just need; it is something you deserve! Leave with a new sense of confidence and energy as you set the stage for 2021!

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Some of the Best Sales Mastery Moments

The LIVE Digital Experience

  • Front row seats for EVERYONE!!!!!!

  • 3 days of teaching with Sales Entrepreneur, Todd Duncan

  • Full, LIVE access to over 40 presentations and panels of game changing content

  • Virtual networking and “Ask the Speakers” Q&A with industry leaders

  • Access to the exclusive Digital Vault of tools, materials and content

  • 30-days of on demand access of the entire event


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Leadership LIVE! Interview with Joel Manby

In this powerful interview, Joel Manby and Todd Duncan will discuss the mindset of being a successful CEO and leading well, even in crisis.

Leadership LIVE! Interview with Mike Hardy and Rick Mount

Two powerful business partners discuss the most essential ways to lead a team to greatness and create a culture that wins!

Wednesday September 16

Imagine with Todd Duncan

3-Steps to Unleash Your Vision and Own Your Future. Todd will show you how Top Producers continually process, upgrade and gain clarity around their strategy and purpose to be their best- every year!

The New World of Consumer Centric Marketing

Step-by-Step Strategy Plan on how to build business in non-traditional markets.This session could put you in front of thousands of borrowers that have massive leverage in referability to Agents, Builders and other businesses.

$100,000 Power Interview #1: How to go from Zero to 50M a Year in the Arctic

How do you jump start a business in a new territory with no contacts,no leads and no referral partners? Listen to this Top Producing LO unpack her step-by-step plan on how she did it!

$100,000 Power Interview #2: Massive Setbacks to Massive Success

How do you leverage and channel some of the lowest lows a human can experience and come back strong? This is one interview you cannot miss! Learn the Importance of Attitude and Perseverance.

Futurecast: Mortgage And Real Estate

Hear one of the Top 10 Mortgage Leaders share the current state of the Industry and lend his insight to the trends of the next 1-5 years. This session will be highly detailed and will produce a wealth of foresight to prepare you to WIN, now and in the future!

Social Media ``Made Easy``

As one of Inman’s Top 100 Persons of Influence, Katie Lance will teach how to hone your social media strategies to become a top SM Influencer and turn your “Tribe” into clients!

Social Media Power Panel

What can an Actress and a Plumber tell a sales audience about success? Turns out, more than you can imagine. This panel will unleash a social strategy for you that has helped them have over 3M followers on their social media platforms.

LeaderSHIFT!: 11 Decisions for the Future

Learn 11 massive trends from Leadership guru Dr. John Maxwelll on what every leader must do to guide their team to victory in 2021
and beyond. Dr. Maxwell is one of the highest rated speakers at Sales Mastery over the last 28-years and renowned around the globe as a difference maker!

Thursday September 17

Todd Duncan: Future TRUST! What you must know to connect and convert!

The most recent research from The High Trust Company reveals global trends on trust and what the world’s best businesses do to
connect and convert clients to Brand Ambassadors that unleash referrals and brand-lock!


Leadership is about caring, no matter what your title. Love Works reveals 7 Timeless Principles for Effective Leadership!

$100,000 Power Interview #3: Owning a Niche Market

This powerful interview will produce the game plan to develop and “own” a niche in your marketplace. Learn 3 powerful strategies that will open doors you never thought possible.

The Art of CONNECT!ON: Getting To the Core

Backed by 100,000 pages of research and content, best-selling authors share their observations of the importance of the concept of Core  Connection. Connecting with one’s self, and then with everyone in their world, is the most effective skill when winning in business and life.

$100,000 Power Interview #4: The Art of Simple

Transforming The Mortgage Experience

During this session, Rick Lang will explore technical innovations from the last few years that have revolutionized how the housing industry conducts business, from time-saving tools to simplified and improved processes. He’ll also share his vision on how we as an industry can continue to transform the end-to-end mortgage origination process. Rick will address the important role you and your organization play in this transformation and furthering this industry evolution.

The Modern Mortgage Experience

Heavyweight thought leaders and practioners, this session will show and demonstrate the new frontier of High Trust/High Tech in lending, giving you new clarity on upping your true Value Proposition with borrowers!

Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results!

No matter your goals, Atomic Habits offers a proven framework for getting 1% better every single day. Learn how to master the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable, astonishing results.

Friday September 18

Todd Duncan: The Power of Intention

All success requires focus. Being intentional immediately narrows that focus, enhances achievement quality and speed, and wins favor in almost every aspect of business and life! Hear Todd give the 3 Key Steps to set your intention and build a better you!


Our brains are built to keep us alive. Those brain shortcuts that have kept us safe for 200,000 years are the same ones that today prevent us from living our most powerful, productive and purposeful lives. When we fear less, we make room for more! More creativity, connection,
abundance, innovation and joy! Don’t miss this powerful session!

$100,000 Power Interview #5: Mindset Matters!

As one of the top mortgage professionals in the USA, Cory shares his story of how he went from being broke, down on his luck, and
unemployed, and the changes he made to get back on top. An incredible story and one that will leave you challenged.

Success Clinic: The Total Guide To Podcasting and Brand Building

Podcasting and Brand Building: One of the top strategies for any professional who desires to create a massive following of clients and referrals is podcasting. This group combined has over 300,000 downloads a month and they will teach you their step-by-step processes!

$100,000 Power Interview #6: Brothers in Business

These two guys are unstoppable. Brothers in business, they have used High Trust Selling and Master Class to become some of the best mortgage producers in the marketplace. You’re going to love their insights and their passion for greatness.

$100,000 Power Interview #7: Elevating the Customer Experience

Power Women! These three have definitely defined excellence in business; they are Women of Excellence. Listen as our own Sales Mastery content writer, Linda Davidson, facilitates this session with two Top 1% Nationally ranked LOs on the secrets of how they blow customer’s minds, create exceptional and non-traditional consumer experiences and build High Performance Teams to make it happen.

Power Partnerships: Lenders, Agents and Wealth Teams

These power partners will show you the step-by-step process they use with buyers and sellers to dominate their market.
The depth of their relationship will unveil for you how to grow the impact lenders and agents can make together!

A Conversation On Implementation

These Certified High Trust Coaches will unpack thousands of hours of coaching into a plan of attack to give you the most out of this year’s Sales Mastery Event!

$100,000 Power Interview #8: On Demand to In Demand: Architecting Your Dream Life and Business

One of the most amazing stories of business development and growth, this session will move you to a differentiated brand of attraction increasing your volume, revenue, and profits! Get ready to have your mind blown!

Real Estate Agent Mastery

This ELITE group of high performing Realtors will engage in a robust panel discussion on what is happening in the Agent space, and what they do to continue to win, no matter what the market. This is “nuts and bolts!” you do not want to miss!



BREAKOUT SESSION #1: The New Frontier of Marketing
BREAKOUT SESSION #2: The Digital Dance: What You Must Know
BREAKOUT SESSION #3: Building Modern Day Teams
BREAKOUT SESSION #4: Be Present: The New Art of Listening
BREAKOUT SESSION #5: Time Managment for High Performance Teams
BREAKOUT SESSION #6: Building a Billion Dollar Data Base
BREAKOUT SESSION #7: Architecting Your Brand
BREAKOUT SESSION #8: Quality Matters; Quantity Follows
BREAKOUT SESSION #9: Time Managment for Agent Lender Teams
BREAKOUT SESSION #12: Unleashing Your Inner Genius