Dr. Rebecca Heiss
Dr. Rebecca Heiss is dedicated to helping us overcome our evolutionary limitations – the ancient fears that hold us back, fears that we’re often not even consciously aware we have. Her research has been designated “transformative” by the National Science Foundation and it is waking up audiences around the world.

She is currently launching a new self-awareness, 360-review app, called Icueity (www.icueity.com), to help every individual reach her/his full potential and finishing her new book, Instinct, due to be published in May 2021. She has been honored to speak internationally on her work, including multiple TEDx talks, and has found her calling in helping others recognize the power of biological applications in their lives. She is a full-time speaker and lives in South Carolina with her spoiled rotten dog named Guinness. Every day she tries to live her life motto: “spread happy.”