Leadership LIVE! Interview with Joel Manby

Hosted by Todd Duncan: Interview with Joel Manby

Leadership LIVE! Interview with Mike Hardy and Rick Mount

Hosted by Todd Duncan – Interview with Mike Hardy and Rick Mount

Imagine with Todd Duncan

Unleash Your Vision and Own Your Future!

The New World of Consumer Centric Marketing

Todd Duncan with Mortgage Superstars

$100,000 Power Interview #1: How to go from Zero to 50M in the Artic

Kristin Brown and Linda Davidson

$100,000 Power Interview #2: Massive Setbacks to Massive Success

Arthur Brown, Todd Duncan, Linda Davidson

Futurecast: Mortgage And Real Estate

Todd Duncan and David Stevens – CEO Mountain Lake Consulting – Past Present and CEO – MBA

Social Media ``Made Easy``

Katie Lance – Author #GetSocialSmart – Inman Top 100 Influential People

Social Media Power Panel

Hosted by Linda Davidson and Katie Lance

LeaderSHIFT!: 11 Decisions for the Future

Dr. John C. Maxwell

Todd Duncan: Future TRUST! What you must know!

Todd Duncan


Joel Manby – Author/Former CEO SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment

$100,000 Power Interview #3: Own Your Market

Rick Ward

The Art of CONNECT!ON: Getting To the Core

Todd and Deb Duncan

$100,000 Power Interview #4: $200,000,000+

Kenny Chueng and Todd Duncan

TECH Talk: Customer Experience Integration

Rick Lang – Vice President – Strategy and Integration – Freddie Mac

The Modern Mortgage Experience

Todd Duncan, Dave Savage, Josh Mettle, Denise Donoghue and Michelle Bobart

Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results!

James Clear – New York Times Best Selling Author – Leading Authority on Habit Formation Science

Todd Duncan: The Power of Intention

Todd Duncan


Dr. Rebecca Heiss – Author and Brain Biology Success Expert!

$100,000 Power Interview #5: Mindset Matters!

Cory DePass

Success Clinic: The Total Guide To Podcasting and Brand Building

Todd Duncan, Phil Treadwell, Dustin Brohm

$100,000 Power Interview #6:

Arysha and Aryan Mashayekhi and Todd Duncan

$100,000 Power Interview #7:

Lizy Hoeffer, Linda Davidson

A Conversation On Implementation

Todd Duncan, Hope Bourman, Eric Union, Wayne Angelo and Teresa O’Dette


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